Contact-free temperature measurement without optics


lune CHF: PRECISELY that is Convective Heat Flow

lune CHF is a contact-free system which does without optics. It is a consistent development of the well-known Luxtron/Icron solution. The innovative sensors very quickly measure the convective heat flow which originates between two objects with different temperatures. The measured objects can thereby be moved and structured round or flat.

In contrast to the optical IR procedure, the findings are independent of emission, structure, colour, reflection, speed or size of the objects. In contrast to tactile methods, the measurement is repeatable and significantly more precise.

Lune CHF is a system with any adjustable reference temperature. It features automatic self-calibration. For you it means: once configured – done. Furthermore, lune CHF does not contain any mobile parts, which means no wear and tear. You benefit from a maintenance-free solution suitable for continuous operation for different applications.