Unique, innovative measurement technology

lune CHF GmbH was founded at Kalkar, on the Lower Rhine, in 2017. Since then the company has developed into a worldwide leading provider of non-contact temperature measurement.

In many areas of process monitoring and control, product temperature is a decisive factor. However, determining this precisely is not always trivial. Tactile methods are often ruled out. The common temperature measurement by means of infrared (IR) measurement technology is reaching its limits in some segments. Especially for bare metals and rather low temperatures IR is not recommended. The Leslie-Cube-Experiment shows how faulty an IR temperature measurement on bare metal can be. The emissivity of the material is very low. The deviation to a so-called black emitter is 95% or more. The deviation in the temperature measurement is often more than 50% of the real value. The results are therefore useless.

The lune products use a different physical principle. The product temperature is determined by the heat flow and not by the radiation. The so-called Convective-Heat-Flow method therefore works completely independent of the type of material and surface condition. Bare metals, plastics, ceramics, etc. Basically, the temperature can be determined on all materials. Glossy or matt surfaces, color differences, all this does not matter.

The lune systems work with an internal standard, so there is no need for calibration or special settings. The application is user-friendly, real "plug & play". Furthermore, the products are designed for use in demanding, industrial environments, are very robust and durable.

In constant exchange with our customers we continuously improve our products. Our R&D department works on new innovations, also in cooperation with external partners and universities. Customer satisfaction is always in our focus. This is how lune CHF GmbH has developed into a worldwide technology and market leader in non-contact temperature measurement.